November 28, 2019


Africa Market Connect is a dynamic consulting division of Ets. Isaac Farms and Industries helping business in Africa to expand in the Congo market and offering a wide range of services. Our purpose is to contribute to the advancement of trade between East African countries and the Congo through stronger business linkages and understanding of markets.

Where we work

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is situated in Central Africa, in the Great Lakes region. It extends over 2.35 million square kilometres and is the second-largest country in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of surface area, and third in terms of population with more than 85 Million People. While more than half of this is estimated to live on a dollar or less a day, the other half does not, and they are hungry for products and services.

Our Services

Brand Awareness

​ is the largest educational website in Congo. Serving students, teachers and parents. Through its advertizing space, we make your brand visible in the Congo Market.


We help clients acquire new customers, convert more visitors into buyers, and build significant customer loyalty, driving revenue across various channels. We provide a full assistance in presentation at exhibitions, bilateral meetings (match-making) and professional presentations for niche audience. We also organize awareness campaigns for our clients’ products.

Distribution Network Development​

Looking for an ideal partner to work with? Need reliable and stable technical or production partners and suppliers? Take an advantage of a proven and systematic procedure for selecting the most suitable business partners in the region.

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