East African Cables Partners with ISAAC ENERGIES SARL to Electrify DRC with Quality Products

April 8, 2024

In a groundbreaking move set to transform the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) electrical infrastructure, ISAAC ENERGIES SARL has announced a strategic partnership with EA Cables, a leading manufacturer of high-quality electrical products. This collaboration aims to ensure the availability of quality electrical products for consumers across the DRC, focusing on enhancing the electrical distribution network and accessibility in underserved areas.

ISAAC ENERGIES SARL, known for its visionary approach to addressing the DRC’s power challenges, is at the forefront of electrifying the nation, starting with its ambitious Buta Electrification Investment Plan. The plan outlines a phased approach to electrifying Buta, a town with significant growth potential but currently limited by inadequate electrical infrastructure.

This partnership with EA Cables is a testament to ISAAC ENERGIES’ commitment to utilizing high-quality materials and products in their electrification projects. EA Cables, with its reputation for manufacturing durable and efficient electrical cables and accessories, is poised to supply the necessary components that will form the backbone of Buta’s electrical grid.

The collaboration is also expected to stimulate economic growth within Buta and the surrounding areas by enabling the development of the industrial sector, as reliable electricity attracts more businesses and investments. The first phase of the electrification plan includes powering critical infrastructure such as Provincial Government offices, Referral Hospital, Central Bank, and Police HQ, alongside existing households and businesses.

An innovative aspect of ISAAC ENERGIES’ approach, as detailed in their registration and service provision documents, includes a customer-centric model that accommodates various types of connections and offers detailed terms and conditions ensuring transparency and trust between the provider and the consumers. This model is designed to adapt to the specific needs of households, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), telecom companies, large enterprises, and non-residential entities, demonstrating ISAAC ENERGIES’ dedication to inclusive service provision.

Environmental sustainability is another cornerstone of the partnership. ISAAC ENERGIES has committed to employing environmentally and socially sustainable designs in their projects, which aligns with EA Cables’ own sustainability goals. Together, they aim to minimize the environmental impact of electrification projects, focusing on innovative solutions that do not compromise the ecosystems surrounding development areas.

The partnership between ISAAC ENERGIES SARL and EA Cables marks a significant milestone in the DRC’s journey towards universal electricity access. By combining quality products with a strategic approach to electrification, the initiative promises to light up the lives of thousands while setting a precedent for future electrification projects across the continent.

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