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We invest in energy, education, health and agriculture to generate positive impact in Africa.

About Us

Ets. Isaac Holdings is a diversified private holding company based in the Democratic Repubic of the Congo. We invest in sectors that promise a great positive impact to lives in Africa with a clear focus on energy, health, education, agriculture, real-estate and trade.


Our Sectors


Dedicated towards ensuring that the DRC population is healthy, the parent company operates our healthcare sector hand in hand with our subsidiary company- BOOMERANG PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED.


ETS. ISAAC FARMS AND INDUSTRIES is our subsidiary company intended to feed on the heritage of the Congo (as the second largest producer of Palm Oil of the 1950s). The company is poised to become the fastest growing and largest producer and trading company in Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil from Congo.


EXETAT.NET is an independent division of Isaac Holdings and it is the institution through which, the holding participates in the integration of ICT in education. aims at helping students at High School in the Democratic Republic of Congo to prepare for State Exam which is a clear preparation for life.


ISAAC ENERGIES SARL, is a subsidiary company of the holding company. Inspired by the aspiration of the Congolese people to build a better country, the company’s main focus is to produce, transport, distribute and commercialize electricity.

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