Isaac Holdings And Equity Bcdc Sign A Partnership For Healthcare

July 29, 2023

In a significant step towards improving healthcare access in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Isaac Holdings and Equity BCDC have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership. The collaboration aims to facilitate access to vital medicine and medical equipment, benefitting both educational institutions and local healthcare centers.

The partnership is set to bring about transformative change in the healthcare sector, addressing key challenges faced by institutions and communities in the DRC. One of the primary goals of the collaboration is to support all the Institutions of Higher Learning (Institut Superieur des Techniques Medicales) across the country in acquiring essential medical equipment for their laboratories through Asset Finance provided by Equity BCDC.

With access to modern and reliable medical equipment, these educational institutions can enhance their training programs and provide students with hands-on learning experiences, ultimately producing a more skilled and qualified healthcare workforce.

Moreover, the partnership will have a direct positive impact on the communities by empowering the more than 3,700 members of ISAAC’s RAME Network. These members, operating at the grassroots level, will receive valuable support in boosting their operating capital. As a result, they can play a pivotal role in availing medicine and medical services to their local communities, contributing to improved healthcare outcomes.

One of the highlights of this collaboration is the increased accessibility of the acclaimed Isaac Medical Devices, uniquely designed to address the specific needs of the African population. These cutting-edge medical devices have been developed to cater to the region’s challenges, ensuring that healthcare providers can offer efficient and effective medical services to patients.

The collaborative efforts of Isaac Holdings and Equity BCDC are set to shape a more robust and efficient healthcare system in the DRC, furthering their shared vision of leaving a legacy of excellence and improving the quality of life for all stakeholders.


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