Dedicated towards ensuring that the DRC population is healthy, the parent company operates our healthcare sector hand in hand with our subsidiary company- BOOMERANG PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED.
Both companies achieve their objectives by working with partners to ensure greater access to quality pharmaceutical products, quality medical devices and equipment.

This sector has been managed successfully through running two concurrent projects: –

  • Echographie Pour Tous (Ultrasound for all)
    A program that provides an affordable ultrasound service that cuts across the whole DRC population, through the Isaac devices.
    At its full capacity, the project is meant to employ over 25,000 Congolese.
  • R.A.M.E
    The RAME (network for access to essential medicines) is a platform of Ets. Isaac Holdings which brings together pharmacies, clinics, hospitals as well as NGOs working in the health sector.This platform facilitates the supply of quality medicines, laboratory products and medical equipment to its members at affordable prices. This is possible thanks to the capabilities of the Ets. Isaac Holdings and its various partners.
  • RAME allows members to receive various services including:

    • The delivery of the products to the member.
    • Access to quality products at affordable prices.
    • Access to training.
    • Access to credits through our partnerships.