ACOREP Organizes a Successful GMP Visit at One of Isaac Holdings’ Manufacturing Partners

July 25, 2023

Compliance with pharmaceutical regulations is of utmost importance to ensure the quality and safety of medicines. In line with the stringent guidelines set forth by the DRC Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority, Isaac Holdings recently underwent a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) visit at one of their esteemed manufacturing partners, Laboratory and Allied Limited.

During the GMP visit, a team of inspectors from the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority meticulously examined the manufacturing facilities and processes of Laboratory and Allied Limited. The visit aimed to verify whether the company adheres to the high standards of GMP, which encompass various aspects such as manufacturing procedures, quality control, sanitation, and documentation.

Isaac Holdings played a pivotal role in facilitating and accompanying the regulatory team throughout the inspection process. By cooperating with the authorities, Isaac Holdings demonstrated their commitment to upholding the highest quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry and ensuring that the medicines produced by their manufacturing partners meet all regulatory requirements.

In addition to the inspection at Laboratory and Allied Limited, the regulatory team also had the opportunity to engage with the management team of Isaac Holdings. This interaction allowed them to gain valuable insights into the company’s vision to facilitate and promote access to essential medicines across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The vision of Isaac Holdings aligns perfectly with the healthcare needs of the nation, as improved access to safe and effective medications is crucial for public health. By working closely with trusted manufacturing partners like Laboratory and Allied Limited, Isaac Holdings plays a significant role in enhancing the availability and affordability of vital medications within the DRC.

The successful GMP visit not only reinforces the commitment of Isaac Holdings to regulatory compliance but also showcases their dedication to maintaining transparency and accountability in their operations. Such collaborations between the private sector and regulatory authorities are essential in fostering a robust pharmaceutical industry that places patient safety and well-being at its core.

As the GMP visit concludes, both Isaac Holdings and Laboratory and Allied Limited can take pride in their adherence to rigorous standards, and the DRC Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority can rest assured that the medicines produced within the country are of the highest quality. Through these efforts, they contribute to building a healthier and more resilient healthcare system in the DRC.

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